Bankuish is an early-stage FinTech startup helping millions of underbanked gig workers and freelancers in Latin America access affordable financial services. Our app connects gig workers to pre-approved loans and offers from leading national banks. We also provide users tools to grow their financial literacy and credit score. Together, we’re helping banks better serve this niche and helping entrepreneurial-minded Latin Americans reach the next tier of financial security. We’ve served tens of thousands of users in beta and are beginning our public debut in Mexico.

What Makes a Great Fit?

We’re looking for people who look at the world around them and work to make things better. Problem Solvers, Contributors, Builders, and Creators. We are looking for someone with a yearning passion to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.
The teams are small and the pace of delivery is fast. You have to stretch yourself. You have to be a leader and to step outside your comfort zone. You have to enjoy playing, exploring and learning.

How we Work

At Bankuish we are fully remote, working from our own homes and neighborhoods across the world. We don’t let geography stop us from communicating and collaborating in real time.